Maggie is a 1973 Newport 27. She has an inboard Atomic 4 gas engine, which works great.  She has a wide range of sails, including spinnakers and all necessary hardware.  Maggie resides in beautiful Dana Point Harbor, where the slip is transferable.

I have owned Maggie for the last 12+ years and I’m sad to let her go. During the past 12 years, I have used Maggie a lot. I have gone on hundreds of day sails and Thursday afternoon races, I have cruised to nearly all the islands that Southern California has, I’ve done the Newport-Ensenada 5 times (best result 4 out of 12- I’m usually one of the smallest boats in PHRF), I’ve worked on her a lot, I’ve hung out with friends and family at the dock, I’ve hung out by myself in the boat on the dock, I’ve sailed solo hundreds (if not thousands) of miles, I’ve surfed uncrowded great waves off the boat, and I lived on it for 3 years.

The Newport 27 is the best 27 foot sailboat around. She sails so beautifully, she’s well balanced. I always beat Catalina 27s when racing, and she is very roomy for a 27 footer.  I have sailed through some fairly rough stuff and she handles it with confidence.

One great benefit of Maggie is ready to sail today and that she is loaded with the essentials you need for cruising and racing. There is a lot of little things included that can be pricey and sometimes you wouldn’t know you needed it.  These things add up over time.

Maggie is a lot of boat for 27 feet.  I hear from many people that they are looking for 30 footers.  Let me tell you why Maggie is just as good, if not better, than a 30 footer.  First, there’s a lack of slips for 30 footers.  In Dana Point, there’s at least a 6 month waiting list for a 30 footer, while there are plenty of slips for 27 footers.  Second, Maggie can do everything a 30 footers can.  She can cruise to the islands, take out 8 people for the day, and she has over 6 foot of headroom!  Most of all, she’s a lot more affordable than a 30 footer. That 10% larger size results in a 25% increase in slip fees.  Many maintenance items can be 50% more expensive.  For what?  A little more headroom and a slight increase in speed?  Maggie can do anything a 30 footer can at a better price.

Maggie has also been set up for singlehanded sailing quite well. In addition to an auto-pilot for the tiller, she has an ingenious self-steering system I made that uses the tension on the mainsheet for upwind sailing.  It takes a little knowledge and practice to use, but I’ve had it steer my boat for hours without ever having to adjust it.  For all other points of sail, the tiller-pilot works great.  It just doesn’t account for wind shifts (although that doesn’t happen too often here in So. Cal.).

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